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The standards organization of Nigeria (SON) has awarded Chellarams Plc the NISD ISO 9001:2008 Management System certification.

With the new development the food and chemical divisions of the group have now been internationally certified. Presenting the certificate to the company’s Chairman, Asiwaju Solomon Onafowokan, in Lagos at the weekend, Son’s Director General, Dr. Joseph Odumodu, who lauded the firm for the feat of bagging the award at the first attempt, tasked it on sustaining the quality which the brand had been identified, nothing that quality which the brand had been identified noting that quality is a moving target. Represented by the organization’s Executive Director, Laboratory Services, Mr. Louis Njoku, Odumodu reminded  the company that the award  was not a fait accomplish as it is subjected to six-month audits to ensure compliance with provisions of the certification, warnings that it could be withdrawn in the face of  intractable infractions and non-conformities.

He said: The relevance of quality management in the current competitive market environment cannot be overemphasized. The NIS ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System approach provides a globally recognized and acceptable solution to the challenges associated with quality management.

The system has been placed on six monthly surveillance audit to ensure continuing suitability and effectiveness of the implementation of the quality management system. In the cause f the audit exercises, where non-conformities are observed and effectively corrected within specified time frame, the system will retain the certificate. However, the certificate. However, the certificate will be withdrawn if the structures in the place for certifications break down and necessary actions are not taken on observed non-conformances, Odomodu cautioned.

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