Foam Chemicals

TDI, a 80:20 mixture of the isomers of toluene di-isocyanate is a low viscosity, dysfunctional isocyanate widely used in flexible foam applications. TDI may be applied to automotive seating, furniture and mattress cushioning, and specialty foam applications. TDI processes well on all types of foam machinery and can be used with or without auxiliary blowing agents to produce a wide range of foam grades ranging from low to high density.

Polyols are used to produce very high resilience foam with outstanding feel and properties. Best in class processing performance covering a broad density and hardness range. We can custom make Polyols with solid substance content to suit your production needs of high hardness flexible slab stock foams, enhanced load bearing flexible polyurethane slab stock foams and high resilience flexible polyurethane foams

Silicone Surfactants
: Silicone Surfactants fulfil the main task of emulsification, nucleation, foam stabilization and cell opening.  They influence the resulting physical foam properties such as density, porosity, load-bearing, elasticity, etc. To suit your individual requirements of different PU formulations processing conditions and desired physical foam properties we offer you a broad surfactant portfolio of Evonik Industries like TEGOSTAB B8810, TEGOSTAB B8244 and TEGOSTAB B2370.

Amine & Stannous: Polyurethane foam production requires a balance between two main chemical reactions. The gelling reaction between Polyol and Isocyanate which creates the polymer is generally catalysed by stannous octoate. We bring to you the KOSMOS brand of stannous octate from the stable of Evonik Industries. The blowing reaction between isocyanate and water which generates the CO2 gas is generally catalysed by a tertiary amine. We bring to you a range of Amines from the stable of Evonik Industries like TEGOAMIN DMEA and TEGOAMIN SMP.

Colour Pastes:
Colour pastes are used for colouring polyether polyurethane foams. They are dispersions of pigments and available in red, yellow, green, blue and black. The viscosity of the dispersions guarantees convenient processing of the products. We offer you a range of Colour Pastes from the stable of Evonik Industries under the TEGOCOLOR brand as well as our own label of CHELLCHEM Colours.

Methylene Chloride:
Methylene chloride is used as an auxiliary blowing agent in the flexible foam production process. Its applications can also be found in metal degreasing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, paint and varnish remover formulations, adhesive formulations and aerosols. We offer world renowned brands in this product category.

Kraft Papers;
We offer an impressive range of Kraft Papers. Our products are used by all foam manufacturers on their continuous foaming machines. The papers come in a wide range of grades, each catering to the specific requirements of different production needs.

Nylon Mattress Covers;
We manufacture and sell custom made Nylon mattress and pillow covers in plain and custom printed forms to protect and extend the life of the Mattress and Pillows.

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