IPGL vision is to implement 17.15 MW project and achieve scale by replicating existing & successfully operational IPP projects. The target is to execute multiple projects and build a portfolio of power stations over the next ten years. Growth of power demand in Nigeria presents a substantial opportunity.

The Business Model:
Each customer facility will contract power from IPGL at a negotiated tariff and will provide a distribution transformer dedicated to IPGL supply. The necessary switchgear to effect the connection between the IPGL incoming line and the customer will be included in the distribution network. Initial energy supply contracts will be 3 – 5 year terms with renewable contract duration clauses and suitable tariff variation mechanisms. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are then negotiated.

The IPGL power plant is based on generators using natural gas driven prime movers (engines) with rated outputs of 1.75MWe each.To attain a 17.15 MW output, 9 x QSV91 units are under  installation to attain the target 15.75 MWe + 1.4 MWth output. The installed system allows for cogeneration (combined thermal and electrical energy).
A cogeneration system normally consists of a prime mover turning an alternator to produce electricity, and a WHR system to capture heat from the exhaust and cooling water jacket. Over 90% of the energy in the original fuel is put to productive use in a cogeneration system, with total energy savings amounting to 35% or more

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