Public Notice | Press Release – 06-Aug-2021

Public Notice | Press Release – 05-Jul-2021

We are a leading Nigerian conglomerate with capabilities that span a diverse array of industries including manufacturing, retail, distribution, marketing and power generation. We have been successfully operating in Nigeria for almost 90 years.We use our in-depth market knowledge and extensive local connections to effectively facilitate efficient, result-driven operations across the country. Driven by a commitment to operational excellence and corporate integrity, we strive to provide all Nigerians with access to the highest quality goods and services across multiple categories. In fact, it is our aim to have a Chellarams product in every home in Nigeria… read more

72nd Annual General Meeting – 03rd February, 2022

Annual General Meeting – 18th February, 2021

Business Divisions

thumb_divisions_consumder_products_colorButter, Milk and other everyday products in use by millions of our consumers.
thumb_divisions_industrial_chemicals_colorChemicals used in the production of foam, cosmetics and other products.
thumb_divisions_ingredients_colorIngredients used in the production of everyday consumables.
thumb_divisions_machinery_colorFoam manufacturing and ancillary equipment.

Group Companies

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