Chellarams Plc – The Home Of Quality Food Drinks

Chellarams Pic, which emerged as a business force in Nigeria in the 1920s, has grown into a diversified conglomerate with array of numerous investments
spanning distribution, manufacturing, brand development, services and packaging of quality food drinks, to mention but a few.

With brand development being one of its core objectives, Chellarams investment in the dairy and malted food drink market has been an important growth strategy which has seen it developed and marketed three quality dairy brands and a malted food drink. The journey into dairy and malted food drink began with the marketing of Oldenburger milk, butter and cheese in 1999. This was followed by the establishment of an ultra – modern packaging plant for the packaging of milk powder in 2005 and subsequently, butter and cheese plant in 2008. The milk packaging plant packages Oldenburger milk powder, Regal milk powder; Real milk powder and Real Activ malted food drink All these milk and malted food drink are packaged into various pack sizes of7g., lOg., 25g., 37Sg., 400g., 500g., 900g and other pack sizes, as desired.

The quality of all these milk and malted food drink brands are not in doubt, as the hygienic condition under which they are produced has the internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Moreover, the state – of – the – art food packaging equipment alongside the quality control laboratory, are used to maintain quality standard. All available laboratory equipment in the packaging plant ·satisfies the global standard for packaged products.

As a major player in food packaging, Chellarams is not oblivious of the demand by the Nigerian consumer for quality products of international standard. Therefore, Chellarams ensures that milk powder and malted food drink from its packaging facilities are packaged in more durable flex materials. Moreover, all products are packaged in such a way that goes not allow any moisture into the pouch, hence retaining its good taste for a long time. Also, in packaging all its food drinks, Chellarams ensures that 99% nitrogen is blown into the pouch to help flush out air from it, thereby reducing the residual oxygen content. This action prevents decomposition and rancidity of the packaged milk powder, thus helping to increase the shelf life of the products. This is done to ensure that customers get satisfaction and good health they desire. In furtherance of ensuring quality packaged foods, all packaged foods from Chellarams are expected to undergo leakage analysis, microbiological analysis, environmental analysis, chemical analysis, bulk density analysis, sensory analysis, to mention but a few.

As an acknowledgement and show of confidence in the production process cum quality of the food drinks packaged by Chellarams Plc, renowned food drink companies and multinationals have entered into an agreement with Chellarams, for the packaging of their premium milk and coffee brands. This is an endorsement of Chellarams Plc as the home of quality food drinks, conforming to the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

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