Chellarams Introduces Real Activ Malted Food Drink – The Punch

Chellarams Pic has introduced Real Activ malted food drink into the Nigerian market.

This, according to the company, is part of its strategy towards meeting the needs of more Nigerian consumers by expanding its product portfolio.

Speaking at the inauguration of the product in Lagos last weekend, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (Brands Division), Mr. Sanjay Pradhan, said the Real Activ malted drink offered a nutritious alternative to existing brands of malted and chocolate food drinks in the Nigerian market.

He said the cutting edge of Real Activ is its inherent superior quality, while remaining comparatively affordable.

The product is specially formulated in UK, combining the goodness of barley and malt extract, cocoa powder, glucose syrup with that of numerous vitamins and minerals to produce a delicious, delightfully-rich and nutritious food drink, which provides instant energy.

“The product gives a natural taste of malted drink; also, it is an instant source of energy that keeps one active all day long,” he said, adding that the product was manufactured and distributed in Nigeria by Chellarams with licence from Regal Food Limited of United Kingdom.

The company’s Group Chief Information Officer, Dr. Harbhajan Batth, said the company was a major player in the FMGC arena, and had good equipment for food packaging as well as a quality control laboratory that enhanced the quality of its products.

“We are leveraging on our numerous packaging machines that could be used to package products such as milk powder, coffee, custard, tea and others to package this product and we can say that the unique design and packaging of our product reflects the good quality barley and malt extract contained in it,” he stated.

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