Chellarams has been successfully doing business in Nigeria since 1923. Over that time, the company has built a strong, nationwide trade network and a solid reputation in both the consumer and industrial sectors.

Chellarams has been able to create platforms for international brands seeking to do business in Nigeria by leveraging our distribution network, our knowledge of the market and our extensive local relationships.

A commitment to operational excellence drives the business. Chellarams is staffed by well-trained, highly capable, committed professionals, organized into efficient departments and supported with clear ethical guidelines and stringent operating procedures. All of this is backed by world-class systems and technology, ensuring consistent, streamlined supply chain management, transparent fiscal controls and timely service delivery.


Sales and Marketing

Chellarams has a skilled team of brand managers and sales professionals that have successfully taken both private label and international partner brands to market. In addition to creating effective consumer advertising and promotional campaigns, Chellarams’ sales and marketing team also has strong experience in trade marketing.

Supply Chain Management

With our stand-alone warehousing services; ranging from temperature controlled food-grade warehousing, to non-hazardous chemical storage, you can count on us to handle your logistics and manage your inventory with the goal of streamlining your supply chain. Our expansive branch network, cold room storage facilities and resources provide benefits from distribution operations to meeting changing market demands, to the ability to scale-space needs for seasonal or cyclical distributions.

Another way we help control costs and service is through our in-house clearing department offering a comprehensive range of customs clearance and custom brokerage services. When it comes to import services, we understand the challenges you face and have on the ground experts to tackle these for you. By leveraging our networks of freight and logistics expertise, we can provide you with customized solutions that will enhance your supply chain.

We believe in exceeding expectations and total customer satisfaction, which leads to on-time deliveries, solving complex logistics and customs challenges. Our broad reach and proven expertise gives us the power to deliver smart logistics solutions.


Chellarams offers contract powdered product packaging to local and international FMCG companies from an ultra modern facility in Lagos. The factory has a state of the art laboratory ensuring that all products packaged at the Chellarams factory meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Chellarams also operates a state of the art cheese and butter repackaging plant. The exemplary quality and standards of the products from the Chellarams food division have earned the QMS ISO-9001-2008 certification from the Standards Organization of Nigeria.



Bulk Chemical Plant

Chellarams has a state of the art Chemical blending and repacking facility in Lagos. The plant consists of storage, blending and holding tanks with a semi-automatic drum filling machine to fill liquid chemicals into various sizes of containers from 10kg to 2000kg . The blending processes and repacking procedures are certified by Standards Organization of Nigeria for Quality Management System : ISO:9001:2008 conformity.

In addition to the blending facility, the factory is also equipped with an  ultra-modern laboratory ensuring that all chemicals blended and packed meet the international standards of quality.


Recruiting & Training

Our selection process is designed to match your skills to a suitable vacancy; we offer a collaborative work experience where you can fulfil your career aspirations. You will work with the best and the brightest in the industry, and discover a world of extraordinary opportunities where you can pursue your goals and develop new skills.

Training and Development

Our philosophy is: “if you don’t train, don’t blame”

Our training is built on a commitment to releasing and maximizing the full potential of every Chellarams Plc employee. We have an impressive range of training resources at hand which you will be able to draw upon as you need them. These include – computer based training facility, in-house training and external training. In some cases, we provide support towards technical and professional qualifications.

We adopt a creative approach towards career progression and respond to people’s aspiration. Where it is needed, we provide cross training. When vacancies arise, they are advertised internally and when possible, we promote from within.


We have strict compliance ethics that is designed to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse. It is designed to educate, train and guide employees, ensure quality care for those we serve, promote self-monitoring, detection and resolution of problems. We have been recognized by NAFDAC as the second most compliant company in Nigeria in the area of clearing and logistics.




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