Chellarams Plc has worked with world renowned manufacturers for over a decade to bring you the best of Polyurethane Processing Equipment Design and Engineering and Manufacturing experience. Let Chellarams Plc supply your organization with a complete turn-key system that is customized to fit your unique production requirement. We specialize in all applications requiring Polyurethane Foam and our Engineers will design the right system for highest efficiency possible.

Chellarams Plc represents the world’s leading Polyurethane foam equipment manufacturer’s like Cannon Viking and is able to offer solutions to suit every budget whether that be for the smallest discontinuous plant to a fully integrated turnkey solution of high pressure foaming machine, tank farm and block storage area.

Continuous Machinery

For the small and medium-sized producer that needs the capacity of a continuous foam production machine

The most efficient way to produce flexible foam slabstock

Maxfoam Elite
A Maxfoam plant engineered for simple later upgrading and expansion

A multi-process foam machine, combining the best features of the Maxfoam and Conventional processes

Discontinuous Machinery

The Blockmatic which comes in a single shot of 120, 150 and now 180 kg as well as an even larger shot for speciality foams or rigid applications. The Blockmatic is ideal for customers who wish to make foam on a discontinuous basis and who are potentially new to the industry.


Carrousel foam cutting Machine


Horizontal foam Cutting Machine


Block Cut off Machine


Mattress Cover Quilting Machine


Vertical foam Cutting Machine


Mattress Tape Edge Machine

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